What to do in Istanbul in New Year Period?

If you are coming to Istanbul for celebrating the new year 2019 and you are early, you will have so many options to do in Istanbul. Reading this article will help you to have some ideas about things to do in Istanbul.

What to do in Istanbul in New Year Period?

Millions of tourists throughout the year travel to Istanbul to spend an unforgettable vacation in Istanbul, a unique city that can amaze every traveler. For its long history, it has more than once become the capital of the most powerful empires. Admirers of the sights are awaited by majestic temples, luxurious palaces. Fans of shopping are offered unlimited opportunities to visit numerous shops and bazaars. Fans of comfort will enjoy impeccable service. Do not give boring entertaining centers, interesting excursions.

Eminonu / Istanbul
Eminonu / Istanbul

What to do in Istanbul?

The main pride of the city is mosques, attracting thousands of followers of Islam from around the world. Preserved here are the historical buildings of the great Roman Empire, the mighty Byzantium, which was the center of Orthodox Christianity. ( If you want to see the marks of the Roman and Byzantium Empire, you should join Byzantium Relics Tour https://istanbultrips.com/tour/byzantium-relics-tour-istanbul/)

The decoration of Istanbul has become majestic palaces, built for rulers in different centuries. This Turkish megalopolis is rightly called a paradise for admirers of sights.
The city is famous not only for historical and cultural objects. Tourists are given the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of fashionable hotels, spend time on the beaches of the Black and Marmara Sea, make trips to the most beautiful places mentioned in the ancient Greek myths. There are entertainment centers, nightclubs and a large number of shops, bazaars, giving the opportunity to make successful purchases.
Fans of historical buildings should choose Istanbul for their trip. Rest in this ancient metropolis is full of excursions, which can provoke admiring reviews even among experienced travelers. Visit all the unique objects in 3-4 days is impossible. But there are attractions that need special attention.

Istanbul Landscape
The most beautiful object of the city is the Suleymaniye Mosque. Built in the 16th century, currently operational accommodates 5 thousand people. Apart from the mosque, the complex includes minarets, libraries, madrassas, baths, hammam, etc.

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One of the most famous religious sites is the Blue Mosque. Unlike other Islamic shrines, it is surrounded not by 4, but by 6 minarets. The mosque is considered one of the symbols of a megacity, it admires not only architectural grandeur but also magnificent decoration. You can choose your own Istanbul tour here: https://istanbultrips.com/category/istanbul-tours/

Join David as he shows you around the top 15 places to see in Istanbul! Istanbul is one of the only transcontinental cities on the planet, spreading across Europe and Asia Minor. As Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul is a bustling hub of culture, history and gastronomy – a cosmopolitan capital in every sense.

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