Weather in Istanbul for the New Year

The weather in Istanbul is so changeable. But this city is worth to see in every weather conditions. But probably it will be snowing in the new year period.

Those who are going to celebrate the New Year in Istanbul, will not prevent to be stocked warm clothes. In late December early January, the average temperature in the city ranges from 2 to 6 degrees Celsius, besides, the coast is constantly blowing sharp and damp winds, literally piercing the unenlightened travelers whose wardrobe is haphazardly made up of resort t-shirts, jeans, and light windbreakers. To the New Year in Istanbul brought only positive emotions, you need to dress very warmly without winter clothes you cannot do! You may need a raincoat or moisture resistant clothing, especially if you are going to explore the city and attractions on foot yourself.

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Hagia Sophia Snowing
Hagia Sophia Snowing

For example, it was on New Year’s Eve in 2016 in Istanbul began to go thick snow, real flakes. Therefore, within a few days, the fastest move was on foot or by metro because the roads were covered. It is in the case of such weather, you will need even if not the warmest, but winter clothes.


Taksim - Istiklal Street Snowing
Taksim – Istiklal Street Snowing

By the way, in the winter time, local cafes and restaurants take care of their customers, including infrared heaters and handing out cozy blankets. Therefore, drink a warming wine or a real Turkish tart tea and admire the Bosphorus, even in the winter time in Istanbul it’s a pleasure. The celebration of New Year’s holidays in Istanbul has a lot of significant advantages. It is a huge metropolis, rich in attractions and entertainment programs. Tourists from Russia feel particularly comfortable on Turkish soil in December January, because the winter in Turkey is quite cold. Of course, the weather here is not as severe as in the greater territory of Europe, but the feeling of the winter holiday does not leave during all the holidays. Another advantage of the New Year in Istanbul is delicious food.


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