New Year’s Eve Party in Istanbul 2018-2019

Where would you like to be in the New Year with your loved ones? Some of you want a place with a view, some of you are a great entertainment center, and some of you want to celebrate a New Year at a nightclub.

There are great places to celebrate New Year by taking your friends, your love, your family, and whoever comes to your mind and of course you want to be in the New Year with your loved ones. If you enter the New Year in your own country every year and if you are bored with this monotony, it would be beneficial for you to evaluate our beautiful place recommendations in Istanbul.

Oldies but Goldies

If you want to make a trip to the past while entering the New Year, you can choose the Christmas event of “Oldies but Goldies” as it does every year. This activity, which became a Babylon classic, brings together those who want to take a piece of the past alongside the New Year. From Madonna to ABBA, from Wham! to Donna Summer, artists who have touched your youth and even your child, you can take with you the past memories you’ve lived as you enter the New Year. You can buy Bosphorus cruise party tickets here.

At the end of an old year and at the beginning of a new year, you need to renew your energy, which your body has. The most important thing to renew your energy is to try to resist gravity. This dance activity creates both the effects of Pilates in the body and strengthens your coordination, providing relaxation in your body. If you want to say “Hello” to the New Year with the body keeping away from boredom and stress, you can join in dance activities. This event will be waiting for anyone who is up to the dance with passion and wants to discover the energy-refreshing effect of the dance.

Firework Visual Feast

If you want to see the fireworks display better in Istanbul, you can choose the places near the Golden Horn, the hotels and places offer a fascinating view through the night due to its proximity to the coast. And also Bagdad Street, Taksim Square, and Nisantasi are beautiful places to enter the New Year. We cannot give you a guarantee for the fireworks. Because it is under the control of the government.

I do not know what conditions the New Year will enter, but my only wish is to spend a new year with peaceful, happy and energetic. You can find places you imagine, healthy and enjoyable in Istanbul.

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