Bosphorus New Year Party

Every New Year is a new hope for everyone. All the bad feelings that have happened before will come to an end and we believe that everything will start from zero in the New Year. If you enter the new year with a good feeling, maybe the next will be nice too, what do you think? If you say “I have no plans for New Year”, “I do not want to go to the places and go to the crowd” and you are too crowded to party at home, we have a great suggestion for you. Is the idea of the 2019 New Year’s Boat Party perfect for you?

All the lights of Istanbul are on more enthusiastically at New Year’s Eve. It’s more fun than you see in normal times. The view of Istanbul you see from the middle of the sea is chirpier. Even the lights on the bridges are specially lightened at the beginning of the year. You may not realize how beautiful they are when you are in those lights. However, when you watch them in the middle of the sea, you will be very happy that you have entered the New Year with this wonderful view.

New Year Cruise Party on Bosphorus

Advantages of the New Year in the Bosphorus

Many opportunities and advantages are offered to guests during the New Year’s Eve event in the Bosphorus. If you want entertainment, you can choose from packages that are specially prepared for you. With the legendary performance of the DJs, the music that makes you move for a moment will not erase from your ears. With our cocktails and presentations prepared by the expert team, you have the opportunity to release on the stress of the entire year. Your drinks are alcoholic or non-alcoholic. It is up to you. Everything is your choice.

Your palates will be sweetened with fruits, chips, snacks, hot and cold snacks. You will dance with oriental and dance music. At that moment, when the 12 o’clock show and the countdown done with great enthusiasm is completed; you are welcomed with the joy of the New Year with the fireworks display you can watch on the Bosphorus.

Contact with Us

It does not matter if your past year is good or bad. You deserve to enter the New Year happily and energetically. If you want to enter a very different organization by 2019, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the organization. You can be assured that we will offer you a service that will pass the first hours of the New Year in the most perfect way. With this Christmas party you will find 2019 in the happiest energy environment.

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