New Year Party in İstanbul

Do you want to escape from the crowd of Istanbul in the New Year and spend a special New Year’s Eve with your loved ones and also a different entertainment?

What could be better than having a boat tour in New Year’s Eve in the middle of the Bosphorus? It is a place where you will be away from the crowd and relax with your loved ones.

You can celebrate the first minutes of the New Year with a boat on the Bosphorus with an unforgettable experience outside of the ordinary, without feeling the crowds and oppressiveness of Istanbul’s entertainment venues. You can have fun in a relaxed atmosphere with your loved ones, and you can witness the view of the New Year’s Eve in the Bosphorus. The artifacts from the Old Periods, built on both sides of the Bosphorus, will add an extra beauty to your New Year’s tour.

All you have to do is join the tours of the Bosphorus in the New Year’s Eve. Thus, you may witness the moments that you have never lived before in your life, especially when we think of the New Year as a source of hope. The aim of the New Year passes by hoping not to make mistakes we made during the past year.

Get ready to Live Unforgettable Memories

Set off fireworks on the Bosphorus midnight will make your New Year Eve more colorful and make your night more memorable. You can make a special gesture to yourself and your loved ones by celebrating the New Year and spending time with your loved ones and relaxing on the boat trip in the Bosphorus.

You will be amazed at what you expect in the unique waters of the Bosphorus. Even so, we believe that you will join again later. These minutes you will spend in the Bosphorus will not be wiped out in your mind for life. If you want to be part of this unique adventure, why do not you join us!

What can you do as an extra?

We recommend that you take a short Istanbul tour before starting your Christmas event on the boat. During the tour, you will witness the glory of the fireworks that are shown on the Bosphorus at midnight along with the magnificent view of the lightning of Istanbul and the Bosphorus bridges that night when looking the most important structures of the Istanbul Bosphorus. On the boat, with a variety of menus and many alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the New Year’s events, you will have an unforgettable evening.

The professional boat tours which have superior service concept during the organizations help you in all kinds of matters. We wish your fun to be something you want.

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